Chadwick Smith is a comedian, actor, comedy improv teacher, performer, musician, artist, designer, puppet builder and puppeteer from Austin, TX.  He began taking improv and stand up classes at The New Movement in July 2009 and graduated the improv school in September 2010. He now teaches improv at TNM_Austin and teaches workshops on improv skills as well as puppetry skills.  He performed with several troupes including Ghost Prom (, Ripkin, Alphabet Soup, Table of Incontinence, Bros, The Megaphone Show, Divorcees, The Unraveling and has done script acting in several sketch shows in Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and New York.
Chadwick can also be seen as an extra or specific roles in recent films as , Trolls (2015), Austin High (filmed 2010), Cherry Bomb(filmed 2010), Balls Out(Intermurals)(filmed 2013) and various short films since his time in college in the mid 1990s. Chadwick has been performing standup since Fall of 2009 at various Austin open mics and comedy clubs, including shows with Matt Bearden and Jimmie Roulette and other Austin locals. He has also helped write comedy and punch up speeches for other people as well, comedians and non-comedians.
Chadwick has performed in festivals such as, Hell Yes Fest!, and FunFunFunFest.
Chadwick also designs and builds his own costumes and puppets.

Skills: puppetry, skateboarding, motorcycling (licensed), cycling, kung fu (preying mantis/hunggar), swimming, rollerskating, snowboarding, skiing, shooting/riflery, most sports, DJing, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, sewing.