Not A Fan podcast appearance


I was recently a guest on Joe Faina’s podcast Not A Fan and we talked sports, TNM, Bob Ross, puppets, and ARSENAL FC !  It was a great time and I love chattin it up with Joe, podcast or not.


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TNM 4th Year anniversary


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My 20 Goals To Accomplish in New Orleans During Hell Yes Fest

This weekend I head to New Orleans, LA for the Hell Yes Fest as a performer. This is my very first trip to NOLA and I have heard there are many things that I need to do and experience there. But I have gone ahead and created my own list of goals to accomplish while in New Orleans.

1. Visit WWII museum
2. Visit Civil War museum
3. Use the term ‘faux de fafa’ in natural conversation all the time
4. Eat real red beans and rice
5. Dominate on every foosball table I find
6. Play blackjack
7. Try to mix in with some real bro strangers
8. Host a comedy show as a Bro
9. Forget how to say my hotel name to a cab driver because it’s french and I’m drunk
10. Meet Doogie
11. Meet a vampire
12. Wrestle an alligator
13. Make out with a random drunk girl
14. Perform in a comedy show
15. Slow motion dubstep dance to dubstep
16. Ignore that True Blood is anything
17. Learn how to play my trumpet
18. Relearn how to play the trombone
19. Bet on black
20. Call everyone ‘Baby’

If you have any other suggestions please let me know. And you can follow my adventure on twitter @chadwickwsmith

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New York recap

Del Close Marathon was a really good time.  I witnessed some really funny troupes that taught me a lot about improv and they gave me good examples on what more I can strive for in my performances.  The rest of my trip included the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Little Italy, the Boardwalk, Central Park, wonderful bars and restaurants, and my favorite part, hanging out with friends, old and new.  I had an incredibly fun night that will probably go into my top 5 nights of all time.  I have some pictures posted on Facebook and I tweeted quite a bit, but I hope to upload some video soon as well.  It was a great weekend, a great marathon, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Special thanks to all the volunteers at UCB Theater for making this all happen and a special thanks to Andrea for her wonderful hospitality and company during my stay.

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New York Preparation

As I prepare for my 4 day trip to New York for the Del Close Marathon, I have chosen to travel the simplest way I can.  1 backpack of some clothes is all I need.  Usually when I travel I pack everything I think I ‘might’ need, laptop, chargers, books, several pairs of shoes, extra clothes (just in case).  I may bring my digital camera even though I have my iPhone4.  Okay, and maybe one small book.

In the same sense, I have made no real plans.  I want to be open to what ever happens, happens.  I know that I am performing Sunday at 3pm at the Hudson Guild Theater and Saturday, at some time, the troupe is meeting down on the boardwalk in Coney Island to rehearse/street perform.  I believe that I am going to see the American Idiot musical and I plan on taking my host(s) to dinner or lunch.  Now I’m realizing that my whole weekend is pretty much loosely planned.  I think there’s enough time inbetween things to find some trouble to get into.

It’s been since the summer of 1999 since I have been to New York.  I have 6 hours of rediculous camera footage of a young 20-something Chadwick in the big city.  Footage of us joking around at the World Trade Center, audio dubbing drunk homeless guy, me making up facts about monuments for strangers, and my performance art pieces of me posing in front of famous pieces of artwork.

I am excited to go on this trip.  I’m excited to perform with and in front of tons of people from all over.  I am elated to visit old friends.  I am anxious to see what new things develop for me.  I hope to respark the travel bug that I never pay attention to.

Follow my tweets for updates on my New York adventures. twitter: @ChadwickWSmith

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Site launch and an introduction

My new business cards arrived yesterday (with this site on it) so I figured I better put some content up on this site. I have many other sites that I use, but this one is intended to be my main site for the public and general user experience.
For those of you that do not know me, I am Chadwick Smith. I am an IT professional, standup comedian, improv actor, musician, and generally a fun person to be around, at least I like to think so. I enjoying meeting new people all of the time and I find that in meeting new people you can learn new things from each individual. They say it’s all about ‘who you know’ and I agree with that, but there is also something to be said about having a large community of resources. Many times I find myself asked to do some kind of task or provide information for someone and if I am not able to do it myself, I will refer them to someone I know that does what they need. Having a good list of connections can do wonders. Community and people working together to get things done is a beautiful thing. DIY + community = greatness

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