New York recap

Del Close Marathon was a really good time.  I witnessed some really funny troupes that taught me a lot about improv and they gave me good examples on what more I can strive for in my performances.  The rest of my trip included the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Little Italy, the Boardwalk, Central Park, wonderful bars and restaurants, and my favorite part, hanging out with friends, old and new.  I had an incredibly fun night that will probably go into my top 5 nights of all time.  I have some pictures posted on Facebook and I tweeted quite a bit, but I hope to upload some video soon as well.  It was a great weekend, a great marathon, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Special thanks to all the volunteers at UCB Theater for making this all happen and a special thanks to Andrea for her wonderful hospitality and company during my stay.

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