New York Preparation

As I prepare for my 4 day trip to New York for the Del Close Marathon, I have chosen to travel the simplest way I can.  1 backpack of some clothes is all I need.  Usually when I travel I pack everything I think I ‘might’ need, laptop, chargers, books, several pairs of shoes, extra clothes (just in case).  I may bring my digital camera even though I have my iPhone4.  Okay, and maybe one small book.

In the same sense, I have made no real plans.  I want to be open to what ever happens, happens.  I know that I am performing Sunday at 3pm at the Hudson Guild Theater and Saturday, at some time, the troupe is meeting down on the boardwalk in Coney Island to rehearse/street perform.  I believe that I am going to see the American Idiot musical and I plan on taking my host(s) to dinner or lunch.  Now I’m realizing that my whole weekend is pretty much loosely planned.  I think there’s enough time inbetween things to find some trouble to get into.

It’s been since the summer of 1999 since I have been to New York.  I have 6 hours of rediculous camera footage of a young 20-something Chadwick in the big city.  Footage of us joking around at the World Trade Center, audio dubbing drunk homeless guy, me making up facts about monuments for strangers, and my performance art pieces of me posing in front of famous pieces of artwork.

I am excited to go on this trip.  I’m excited to perform with and in front of tons of people from all over.  I am elated to visit old friends.  I am anxious to see what new things develop for me.  I hope to respark the travel bug that I never pay attention to.

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