My 20 Goals To Accomplish in New Orleans During Hell Yes Fest

This weekend I head to New Orleans, LA for the Hell Yes Fest as a performer. This is my very first trip to NOLA and I have heard there are many things that I need to do and experience there. But I have gone ahead and created my own list of goals to accomplish while in New Orleans.

1. Visit WWII museum
2. Visit Civil War museum
3. Use the term ‘faux de fafa’ in natural conversation all the time
4. Eat real red beans and rice
5. Dominate on every foosball table I find
6. Play blackjack
7. Try to mix in with some real bro strangers
8. Host a comedy show as a Bro
9. Forget how to say my hotel name to a cab driver because it’s french and I’m drunk
10. Meet Doogie
11. Meet a vampire
12. Wrestle an alligator
13. Make out with a random drunk girl
14. Perform in a comedy show
15. Slow motion dubstep dance to dubstep
16. Ignore that True Blood is anything
17. Learn how to play my trumpet
18. Relearn how to play the trombone
19. Bet on black
20. Call everyone ‘Baby’

If you have any other suggestions please let me know. And you can follow my adventure on twitter @chadwickwsmith

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